TOMORROW, Saturday June 1st, between 1-3 PM, The Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm is holding a fundraiser to help these hospitals prosper to their full potentials and make a child’s life that much better! All children’s admissions are being donated! Come enjoy a warm spring day with your whole family! We are turning the Zoo into an awesome carnival! With clowns doing balloon art, fun children-friendly games, and MAGIC! We don’t want to spoil everything so make sure you clear up your plans and come check out all the neat things in store for the day!

All the animals will be out and about enjoying the day with you! Don’t forget to get your popcorn and raisins at the front desk so you can feed all our beautiful animals! The Lemurs will love you!

Don’t miss out on some fun, quality, family time! And don’t forget, you are supporting a great cause!

The Shriners Children Hospitals help children with;  neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs. They provide the highest quality care for their patients. The Hospitals are constantly researching to discover new knowledge to improve a child’s life. Every staff member is committed to the improvement of children’s lives and make sure they achieve as much independence as possible.