Your visits help us care for our animals

Revenue from tickets and Season’s Passes sales certainly contribute to upkeep of the grounds and care of our animals, but nothing warms our hearts like the encouragement we receive from those who visit. Below are just a few comments – we hope that when you visit you will have fun and come back again and again!

Visitor Comments

As a breeder of exotic animals and alternative livestock, and as the editor and publisher of a magazine which educates people on these animals, it has been a pleasure getting to know the owners of The Oshawa Zoo. They display some of the animals that were born on my farm because I appreciate the facility and the care given to them at Oshawa Zoo. Not only is this zoo a fun place to visit, but it is dedicated to giving its animals a good place in which to live out their lives.

I highly recommend seeing for yourself the variety of contented animals found on display within its gates.

C. Stockman, Editor - A Breed Apart Magazine

A fantastic experience for kids and adults alike! If anyone is looking for something to do around Oshawa, the Oshawa Zoo Fun Farm is the place! Plenty of friendly animals, both domestic and exotic. Kids had a wonderful time, got to know and like the animals, especially the babies. They were thrilled to get close to them, be able to feed them and watch them play.

We will certainly be back soon to see how our new friends have grown and take more pictures.

Jenny C - Toronto

I've been coming to the Oshawa zoo for years with my family. We so enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly and dedicated staff as well as the ever-evolving selection of animals from around the globe.

We are fortunate to have the expertise of the Connell family who are world-renowned zoo-keepers with generations of experience --right here at our local zoo!

THANK YOU for sharing these fascinating animal friends with us so that we may learn and increase our understanding of the animal kingdom.

Carol L - Toronto