3377 Grandview Street North, Oshawa, ON L1H 0J5

Welcome to the 2024 season!

Season Opening and Updates

Things are finally drying up and getting warm! Its time to spruce up the zoo for the 2024 season.

New Sloth Exhibit

We have just finished the sloth exhibit. Its really nice! It took a few tweaks to make the enclosure functional, so that Danny and Molasses would use both the outdoor and indoors. They are using both right now and for a SLOW animal, are quite active. Its nice that they are getting real sunshine instead of vitamin D supplements like we give them during their indoor time.

We home bake squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and zucchini for a lot of variety in their diets. They even get a fresh cooked egg every day.

I think that you are really going to enjoy our sloths this summer!

Pony Rides and Safety Tips

Pony rides will be starting this weekend. They are 6$ for one round and 10$ for twice around. The same as last year.

A little reminder for pony safety. If you are walking with your child around the track, always stay at the front of the pony, beside it”s shoulder. When you get too far behind the pony can be startled. Always have someone who is able to help your child into place on the pony. Pony ride staff are not allowed to lift a child for health and safety reasons.

Road Construction Concerns Near the Zoo

The works department of the Region of Durham provided some disturbing news to us last week. They are redoing Columbus Rd. between Enfield road and Grandview to improve the road for the large trucks. They expropriated some of the frontage of our parking lot as well a a chunk of the corner for the intersection.

We had negotiations with the region and were able to save the 200 year old tree by the entrance and for them to put off construction of the intersection until after Labour Day.

After all they have about 3 kms of road East of the zoo that could be worked on with little interference to the Park.

Baby Animal Season

Baby season is upon us. We have 3 baby goats on the bottle. Tiddles, Honey and Angus. Angus is really a calf, but he just doesn’t know it yet! Bottle feeding are at 11 and 3.

We have the usual abundance of baby goats, sheep, maras, mountain goats and even a few kangaroos in the pouch and baby lemurs!

New Pony Building Project

Our project, in co-operation with Maxwell Heights High School, is a new pony building and shade shelter. They will look like an old western hotel. The building will be erected in June.

Pet Policy Reminder

I would like to remind dog owners that their pets are welcome, but a few rules apply. The pet must be a good dog (no barking at the animals or growling atpeople). The pet must be on a lead. the lead must be held onto at all times. You must clean up after your pet.

Season Pass

Finally, I would like to remind you what a deal season passes are! The whole season for less than 2 visits! Now is the time to get the most out of your pass.

Thank you all for supporting our little effort!

Have a great season!