Believe it or not, July 29th marks the 30th season of the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm.

When we started the Zoo, we had a parking lot that held 10 cars! The animals have changed quite a bit in that time too. One thing that hasn’t changed is our drive to keep improving and making the experience better for both the animal and our guests.

Due to the uncertain economic climate, rates have remained the same this year. Folks are having enough trouble affording life’s essentials, we don’t want to add to that. Prices for seasons passes will be going up $1 pp in July, so make sure you get your passes early!

This year we’ve added a lot more picnic table, so folks can enjoy picnicking all around the zoo without worrying about finding a space. This will be great for people hosting birthday parties. We still encourage you to book your event early. We only allow so many at a time.

Our staff has been working on upgrades to many of the enclosures out of doors and in. New fencing and even replacing the old original part of the lemur pens!

The students at Maxwell Heights SS, are building a new shelter for us this year. I visited the school to look at the designs and was blown away! There were 5 designs that were so good that even our staff couldn’t pick the one. Mr. Gordon let the kids vote on it and we are getting an amazing Mouflon shelter at the end of May.

We have a few new animals at the zoo this year. African crowned cranes, endangered Ne Ne Hawaiian geese, finally a female bactrian camel and strangest of all a zeedonk, or zonkey. This little accident happened when a female donkey met a male zebra and fell in love. It’s a girl and is going to need a name. Doubtless our web design folks will come up with a contest like we had naming the zebra last year.

Pony rides will be back again this year. We’re trying to arrange for them to open daily earlier than July 1st.

Hopefully we can start in May. The hours will be reduced but It’s a step in the right direction!

There will have to be some kind of celebration for our 30th season at the end of July. We’ll look forward to input on this subject! When I think back on all the amazing guests and members that we’ve had here over the years, I think that it really has been an amazing journey.

My sister and I and our over 25 staff members are very excited to welcome you back for the 30th season!

See you soon!