Well it seems the endless winter is nearing an end and it’s time to get ready for another season.

We have a few special treats in store for this year!

We have some baby ruffled lemurs! Kim, who has started the last several babies on the bottle, has raised some adorable little sweethearts she calls Big Mac and Small fry. Ruffled lemurs, are the big black and white fellas who make so much noise at the lemurs pen. Visit our Facebook page for a sneak peek of them!

There are also 2 yearling Bactrian Camels. These are the 2 humped camels. With Diego our Dromedary in the same area the kids will enjoy the differences. Will that be 1 hump or 2?

We’re also expecting a yearling zebra this spring. He doesn’t even have a name yet. Do you think your kiddies could come up with one? I guess we could always hold a contest?

There is also the old new stuff. Lots of baby lambs, goats, and mountain goats! There was even a new baby cow born!

Now down to business…

COVID 19 regulations have been eased a lot, but it is still wise to follow the old protocols:
– Keep 2 metres apart from other folks.
– Respect people’s personal space.
– Bring sanitizer and use it often.
– Bring disinfectant wipes to use on picnic tables if you are planning to use them.

Remember the good things that we learned from the pandemic:
– Bring a blanket and here a good old fashioned picnic!
– Toss the popcorn at the animals, rather than feeding from your hands, thus reducing the number of bitten fingers the kids get. The decline in biting was amazing and a lot fewer kids went home with tears.
– Also, remember that horses, donkeys, and pigs have both upper and lower teeth, which make a biting accident much easier.

With the decline in COVID 19 restrictions birthday parties and group booking are back.
So you can make arrangements and take advantage of our great rates of 8$ pp including a free small animal feed for the kids.

Pony rides will begin as soon a the grounds are dry enough. They will be running on holidays and weekends until school is out and daily until Labour Day. Please be patient and recognize that we are limited in both space and ponies and there will be days with long lines. Both the ponies and your staff are doing their best too accommodate you. We, will be cross training zoo staff so the rides won’t have to shut down for lunch most days.

Monkey Mike will be serving his fabulous fare from a brand new food trailer this year.
I have heard about some of the new offerings planned for this year. I’m afraid the zoo staff will be spending the off season on diets! He will be starting his service on Mother’s Day weekend or the weekend after.

Please remember to put all litter in the trash bins.
Picking other people’s garbage is not a pleasant job for our staff. Especially PPE and diapers. ( yes people really do toss their dirty diapers on the ground for other people to pick up.)

We are trying to increase our staff and train them better to help you with your experience.

One last thing to remember …. buy your season passes and get the most out of a good, long season.

Here’s hoping that we all have a great season!