Another COVID-19 year and another year of having two openings. We opened Good Friday, for one day, when the plug was pulled. I don’t know about you, but we’re suffering COVID-19 burnout! Now we’re getting ready for the second opening, whenever that will be. The important thing is that all of the animals are well, and waiting for you to be allowed back.

We’ve made a few changes for this year.

The number one being that you are able to purchase both seasonal and day passes online. This means that should you but your pass online, you won’t have to line up and fill out forms, pay, etc. We encourage you to take advantage of the new system.

We have a couple of new species this year! A trio of Dromedary Camels and a pair of beautiful Manchurian Cranes!

The baby makers have been busy. Goats , lambs, mountain goats, A ton of kangaroo Joeys and of course the lemurs. We have one little lemur on the bottle. He was his mother’s first and she didn’t bond with him.

In danger of losing him we sent him to Ava, Tia, Kim and Joe’s, dedicated folk who just work so hard to make sure each little lemur thrives.

Frodo, is a cute little guy who is just at the point where he’s learning to leap and maintain some sort of balance while doing so!

I can’t deny the pleasure I get from being a prop for the little fella. This is how we find joy everyday in our little zoo. I can’t wait for you to meet him.

We hand raised a few sheep this year. Frick and Frack, are weaned now, but will make you feel very welcome.

Theodore is still on the bottle and seems more like a dog than a lamb.

We planted 35 large young trees last autumn.

They have all made it through the winter and look forward to offering you shade this summer.

It’s not just the animals that make the zoo so nice. We’ll have had a lot of time on our hands waiting to open. We try not to waste too much of it. Pen, fencing and shelter improvements have been progressing well.

Monkey Mike’s will be open for the season with some great new menu items! Find out what fabulous taste likes. There are even veggie options.

I’ve saved all of the sad, COVID related things for the end. Be well, be safe and see you soon!


If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home.

Keep your group socially distanced 2 metres from others.

Bring your own sanitizer and wipes in case you use the toilets, tables, etc. that have been touched by others.

We still provide hand sanitizer at the entrances.

Due to potential transfer of COVID-19 , the health department asks that you don’t feed the animals from your hand and to toss popcorn to them.

The lemurs are not to be fed at all. We worry about COVID-19 moving from species to species.

We have no chick petting pen, again, this year.

There are no groups or birthday parties allowed at the zoo again. If the government changes policy we’ll let you know.