Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm opened its gates July 29th, 1993. Our goal was to have a clean, green, interactive mix of friendly exotic and domestic animals.
The enclosures and paddocks were to be made large enough that the grass would remain thick and green during the entire season. We have set out to exceed national Zoo standards for size. Children and animals would be able to interact through the fences for feeding and petting. Kids could grow up with friends in the animal world that they know by name, grow up with them as they feed orphaned animals by bottle, until those animals have babies of their own.

Our Grounds Feature

  • Over 40 species of friendly and tame birds and animals
  • 22 fenced acres, Picnic area,refreshment and animal food kiosk.
  • Exotic animals like camels, lemurs, macaws, monkeys, peafowl, coatimundi, Patagonian cavies, llamas, wallabies and many more!
  • Domestic animals like goats, sheep, potbellied pigs, mammoth and mini donkeys, Texas long horns, belted Galloway, and miniature Dexter cattle, as well our new miniature Horses

Saving Orphaned Animals since 1993

Orphaned animals are an unfortunate fact in nature. We try to save every baby that we find abandoned or too weak to feed. We have had some great successes in doing so. Many of the tame animals that you still see on display at the zoo began their lives being dried off in front of the fireplace on cold winter’s days. Many of them lived in the house for months until the weather permitted them to join the other animals outside.
There is nothing more rewarding than opening day at the zoo when you see that little goat, llama, or camel that left the stains on my hardwood floors greet the first children of the year!